The Donphan-Trumbull Public School’s Board of Education has called a bond election to address critical facility needs. On November 14th, voters will decide on the future of Doniphan-Trumbull Public School with the first substantial building improvement endeavor in more than 40 years. The bond election will consist of a two-question ballot:

  • Proposition 1 – This bond, not to exceed $22.8 million, encompasses the complete renovation of the entire PreK-12 building, the addition of new classrooms, and the removal of all modular buildings.
  • Proposition 2 – A bond not exceeding $9.3 million, for the construction of an addition featuring a competitive gymnasium and locker rooms. Proposition 2 can only be enacted if Proposition 1 passes.

For more information on what this will look like, visit the PROJECT INFO page.

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